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Designing a Facade to Suit Your Style

The facade is the first impression of your home and needs to represent you and your style.

7 October 2016

So you’re building a house. You’ve got your perfect site and the plans nailed. Now it’s time to decide on the look and feel of your exterior. What message do you want to send?

When making decisions about the external look of your home, be aware of the properties around your site – you can be sympathetic to neighbouring houses while still creating the jewel in the crown. Estate developers and councils have guidelines in place in order to create harmonious streetscapes. While your new home may have a modern look and be set amongst much older or period style homes, subtle elements can be incorporated to acknowledge the era of the neighbourhood.

Wright Inspired Facade Style

For the overall look of your home, it is on trend to use a mix of materials to produce differing textures. This is not a discordant look, as the materials are blended through a colour palette, such as using a family of colour in varying shades, with one standout contrasting colour. Greys, charcoals and crisp whites have overtaken browns in popularity and there are both cool and warm tones available in many materials. Even charcoal paints can have a brown base, slightly softening the hue.

And don’t forget your garage doors when making design decisions – as a large component of the façade, you must decide whether to make them a feature or camouflage the doors, blending them with the exterior as a whole.

Mixed Material Facade Style

Bricks that have a concrete look to them are the latest offering from the brick suppliers. They can create a funky classically industrial look or be warmed by using them in conjunction with a contrasting timber element. Sometimes the design of the façade can speak for itself and only minimal colour and materials are required. This is not a new idea – take a look at many Art Deco buildings.

Natural stone has been part of the building process for almost as long as humans have been creating dwellings. These days’ stone is an affordable option and you don’t necessarily need much of it – a single feature wall of stone can look impressive. There are stones available to suit all styles of home, with a range of smooth and textured finishes as well as colour variances from light travertine’s to the bold coolness of bluestone. Or if stone is not the look you wish to achieve, natural timber is a beautiful option.

facade style

While not as easy to maintain as natural stone, timber cladding still has the potential to produce a warm and homely effect. When left unstained, the colour can change as the timber ages, to cool silvers and greys. The transition of colour will depend on how much sun exposure the timber has throughout the day. But if you wish to retain the original tones, a stain will offer the protection needed from the Australian sun.

The entry to the home is the hero of your exterior look, welcoming and guiding the homeowner or visitor to the front door. Feature facade materials often extend to the entry foyer, creating a smooth transition to the design of the interior.

Latitude 37’s in-depth exterior and interior design process ensures you achieve the façade look that suits your style.