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Preparing for your Interior Design Consultation

Advice and tips to ensure you come prepared for your interior design consultation and achieve the interior style to suit you and your new home.

1 November 2016

With the process of house building looming and your dream starting to look a lot more real, your Interior Design Consultation (IDC) with Latitude 37’s experts will focus your attention on important interior details.

The process is designed to be as easy and rewarding as possible for you. The interior designer will contact you to explain what an IDC involves to discuss any issues that you may have or, if required, highlight anything that needs particular attention. For instance, you may know that you want an entertainment unit in the family room but haven’t considered what it needs to accommodate or how it should look.

Interior Design - Studio 37

It’s a good idea to have a budget in mind before the IDC – consider how much you want to spend, if anything, on upgrades to standard items. We know our showroom, Studio 37 can look like a candy store, but while we want your new home to have everything you wish for, luxury items can come with luxury price tags.

We offer all of our clients a detailed list of our suppliers, showing the range of products on offer. This may be enough to help you make your decisions but it can also give you the information you need if you decide to investigate products further, such as visiting our suppliers’ showrooms.

Gather images from magazines or websites of colour schemes and looks you like and bring them with you on the day. You may even want to compile a scrapbook to help the interior designer understand your tastes. Even if it is not initially obvious to you, the compilation of images will show a theme of your preferred style. The intention of the IDC is to create a scheme that fits with both your taste and your lifestyle.

Interior Design - Studio 37

With this in mind, photograph existing furniture that will be incorporated into your new home. This is often an important consideration when selecting kitchen colours and materials as most kitchens are open to the dining and living areas. It’s vital there is a sense of integration between these rooms.

Discuss your likes and dislikes with the other decision makers of the household, something you would have done during the course of the floor plan and façade design. All family members spend a great deal of time within the walls of the home so it is imperative that everybody is comfortable with their surroundings.

While we want your ideas, remember that all decisions will be finalised on the day of the IDC. You are not expected to arrive at the meeting knowing it all. It’s a collaborative process aimed at maximising your home’s aesthetic potential as a real reflection of your taste and personality.

Interior Design - Studio 37

And finally, be prepared for a full day in the showroom for the IDC. The experience is exciting, watching the materials and colours to make your home take shape, but it can be a long day. A lunch break is encouraged so you can take some time out to mentally refresh. 

Latitude 37’s unique interior design consultation is just another way we show our commitment to achieving the home you want in every detail.