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Dual Occupancy

Custom Dual Occupancy & Duplex Projects in Melbourne

“We did a dual occ with two houses: one 30 Square and one 25 square, on a difficult block. The good thing about Latitude 37 is that they in-house designed the houses required to a brief and price. The first design off the drawing board was so good that we only altered it in small detail…

…Once the build started everything moved very quickly… When we were starting to finish, the quality control Latitude 37 demanded from their tradies was of a very high standard. The build was finished 4 months ahead of schedule, to standard and under budget. I'm very impressed by this company, and can recommend them highly.”

- Peter Kidman, Melbourne. Read more client testimonials here.

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Why build a Dual Occupancy (Dual Occ) or Duplex project?

With Melbourne land values increasing all the time, building two homes on your land is a smart investment tactic. A dual occupancy or duplex project makes perfect financial sense as a long-term investment because your options are open to sell one or both homes to make a profit. Or, you can rent out one home, and enjoy a continual passive income stream while you live in the other.

Whether you are an empty nester seeking a reliable income stream, an investor wanting to get the most out of your capital or trusted family or friends wanting to invest together, a high-end luxury designed Dual Occ or Duplex development will ensure that you maximise the financial potential of your property.

What is the difference between a “Dual Occupancy” vs. a “Duplex” project?

A Duplex is two homes connected by a common wall with a common façade facing the street. A Dual Occupancy (Dual Occ) is two units that may not necessarily share a common wall. Generally a Dual Occ is a customised solution for developing a block that cannot fit a standard duplex-type design.

Truly Bespoke Dual Occupancy Design Solutions from Latitude 37

Depending on the needs of your land and investment goals, we have the capabilities to custom design and construct separate houses on the same site, or joined houses, including knockdown rebuild projects, or split-level homes on a sloping site.

Our Dual Occ design team will work in collaboration with you to deliver an original and unique luxury home design that works with your existing land, your budget and your desired investment outcomes. Even if your block is ‘difficult’ or sloping, we thoroughly welcome the design challenge to deliver a creative and elegant solution.

A truly bespoke design process means that we work in total collaboration with you to design and build your contemporary designed, energy-efficient and livable luxury Dual Occ or Duplex project.

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The Latitude 37 Dual Occ and Duplex Construction Process:

We provide a fully comprehensive end-to-end construction and design process; from initial site assessment, demolition guidance and advice, concept design, right through to approvals, service authority negotiations, and finally construction delivery.

Our end-to-end construction process also includes:

  • Meeting various Council requirements including building setbacks and planning overlays
  • Coordination of all planning and building permits and service authority approvals
  • Protection of existing vegetation, trees, and neighbouring properties
  • Frontage and depth
  • Adequate drainage
  • Driveway position
  • Orientation and natural light
  • Setbacks and easements
  • Street access and traffic control
  • Power supply and other utilities

Included in your project are all Town Planning requirements - completed in-house by our own dedicated Town Planner who handles all project requirements with local Councils (other builders often outsource this service at great cost to you).

Want to know more about our Dual Occ design solutions?

See our dual occupancy and duplex folio’s on our website.

For more information about our Dual Occupancy or Duplex projects, or to make an appointment for an obligation-free assessment of your site, Enquire Now or call 03 8795 3030 to speak with one of our Dual Occ experts.