This 57 sqaure custom design will provide the ultimate resort lifestyle for one of our clients.


Customise vs Custom – what is the difference?

You may have heard these 2 words used frequently in the building industry. Almost all builders – from Volume builders to High-End Builders and Architects – use these terms. Whilst they may sound like the same thing, but in the building industry they mean two very different t...

Building Site Costs: What They Are and What You Need to Know

Understanding site costs can help you ensure your finances are being used wisely. What are site costs? Site costs usually apply to any items not included in the quoted base cost of building your home. They can relate to factors of site infrastructure (assessing the site, obt...

Building on a Solid Foundation – Slabs vs. Stumps

This article explores whether it is it better to use a concrete slab or stumps; or a combination of both when it comes to building your new home. House foundations are not considered a particularly glamorous part of the construction process. But they are crucial, so it’s imp...

Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer: Heating and Cooling Options for Your Home

This article explores the different options and indicative pricing of heating and cooling systems available for your new home so you can make an informed decision on the system best suited to your needs and budget. When it comes to heating and cooling your new home there are...

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