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We are a one-source destination for your entire project journey from start to finish. Discover our bespoke design and build offering, which has resulted in award-winning custom homes since 2006.

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Your Vision, Our Expertise

01 Discovery

At the first step of the journey, we consult with clients to understand their site, design and build aspirations, and budget for their custom home.

Each home crafted by Latitude 37 is a one-of-a-kind, bespoke design that is meticulously tailored to the specific requirements outlined by our clients.

02 Design

Our dedicated in-house Designers meet with clients to identify and understand their lifestyle and family preferences, refining the project brief in order to craft a holistic and bespoke design response. Our Designers create a custom design based on the requirements, ideas and vision of the future home discussed in the briefing phase. Through our immersive virtual 3D walkthrough, floorplan, and design presentation, clients gain a genuine visualisation of their future living experience.

Following any feedback and thoughts from the client, our Designers refine and update the design to reflect each client’s expectations and requirements, fostering collaboration from the beginning of the relationship. Following this, we prepare a comprehensive pricing proposal in line with the client’s goals and budget for their consideration.

03 Interior Design

Our in-house Interior Design service encompasses bespoke joinery, luxurious fittings and fixtures, heating and cooling, kitchen appliances, electrical, and everyone’s favourite; finishes and material palette. Our award-winning Interior Designers complete your aesthetic and ensure a coordinated design outcome for your custom home.

04 Project Management

Our expert drafting team create detailed home drawings, seamlessly integrating the building and interior components, updating the pricing proposal to incorporate any changes. Our project management team oversees every aspect of your project, handling approvals and permits, establishing a seamless process to pave the way for construction to begin.

05 Construction

With an unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and meticulous attention to detail, every Latitude 37 project is meticulously constructed. Our dedicated construction team, driven by their passion for excellence, is relentless in their pursuit of delivering extraordinary build outcomes that consistently surpass client expectations.

Design Services

In-House Design

Turn your custom home dream into a reality. Our experienced in-house design and interior design team collaborate closely with clients, meticulously shaping the home’s design. Through this collaborative process, we craft homes and spaces that reflect the client’s desired aesthetic and functionality. At every step, our guidance is unwavering, inviting clients to envision not just the future home’s physical space but the lifestyle it will offer and the cherished memories it is poised to create.

Specialist Architect

Discover the pinnacle of architectural sophistication through our partnership with Aych Architects. This partnership offers clients an alternative way to realise an architectural vision through a streamlined integrated process. Learn more on Hugh Feggans, founder of Aych Architects below in our latest journal article.