Customise vs Custom – what is the difference?

You may have heard these 2 words used frequently in the building industry. Almost all builders – from Volume builders to High-End Builders and Architects – use these terms. Whilst they may sound like the same thing, but in the building industry they mean two very different things.

Let’s look into both of these terms and assess how they are used to describe any builders products and services.  So how do we Differentiate between the two? When you start your journey to build a new home, your first question is often “do I want to build a custom home or build an “off the plan” design?” Well, there’s your first hint.


Customise is typically associated with volume builders that offer a series of pre-designed or standard homes and floorplans. If you go down the path of a volume builder, you would typically choose a plan, and you will have the option to customize certain parts of that floorplan.

Customise in essence, is the ability to make small alterations that are usually pre-determined by the builder, or small changes within the interior of the floorplan. For example; The 4 bedroom floorplan you chose could have a 2nd living space, but you might prefer to change that to a 5th bedroom for your family, but the problem is you have lost your 2nd living space.

Ultimately you are limited in what you can do to change that floorplan. If you choose to go down this path for your home, you are relying on a floorplan to be near on perfect to suite your site and your families requirements.


Custom can be described as “doing something specific to suit a situation” or something that is “made or done to order, as in custom-made”. When you hear the word Custom Homes, it means that a builder will design a bespoke custom home from the ground up specifically to suit all your needs.

Put it this way; Every block of land is unique. Every person and family is unique, so if a pre-designed/standard floorplan doesn’t fit your circumstance, you will find that a custom home is the best way to go. You will have freedom to choose and determine how you want your house to look, rather than picking from 4 pre-designed façade options. You will be able to determine how spaces within the home connect with each other, it gives you the freedom to create a home that you desire and deserve without restriction and compromise.

At Latitude 37, we believe a custom design is the only way to achieve a unique design outcome to meet the requirements of our clients. We consider site constraints and opportunities, your current and future lifestyle aspirations, desired level of specification and budget to prepare a unique design brief. The home we will design and build for you will be unlike any other – designed and customised to your specific requirements.

So, now that you are aware of the difference between customize and custom, know what limitations are behind customise, and know that a Custom builder can design and build a bespoke custom home unique to you.

Please feel free to give Latitude 37 a call on 8795 3000 to discuss your build aspirations, to see what we can custom design and build for you and your family.

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