Ivanhoe 1

Contemporary Interior Delight

Nestled in suburban Ivanhoe, this warm contemporary residence harmoniously integrates with its picturesque site, maximising natural light to create a truly captivating living environment.

  • Location
  • Ivanhoe
  • Year
  • 2021

“Our block was technically difficult due to its significant slope. This was addressed and managed smoothly from the start. We made a few changes to the original design- some increased the cost slightly; some reduced the cost slightly. So overall, the cost of the build was almost exactly what had been quoted. We cannot think of a single thing that could be improved, as we were provided with a beautiful, modern, incredibly functional, high-end home, as was promised."


“Our clients allowed us to design them a home that worked within existing constraints, capitalised on the great northern light, and allowed us to capture the beautiful large trees in the neighbourhood. The build process was seamless with little to no issues considering the home being built during Covid. The collaboration with our clients was a pleasure and allowed us to provide them with the modern home they were looking for to suit their future.”